1970 John Deere 110

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Added a few pics below showing the 70 110 tore down,like I said before not stripping this one completely down because i'll be working it,it will still look pretty darn nice tho.

This was an awesome find.I have to go check on my mom 2 or 3 times per week,she lives about 15 miles from me.One day while driving over there I spot this deere way out in a field behind an old farm house.I've been doing this for several weeks and this tractor would be sitting in the same spot everytime I drove by.I really wasn't that interested in it because of having so many projects as it was.I told my uncle about it and told him he might be able to get it fairly cheap but he never got around to checking on it.Well I went by it again and said the hell with it i'm going to check on it.pulled in the driveway got out and looked it over.It looked to be around a 1969-1972 model somewhere in there.I knocked on the door and no one answered I was getting back in my van to leave when a car pulled up with a lady in it.I told her I'd seen the 110 in the back everytime I went by and asked if she would be interested in selling it.She said she was sure her husband would want to get rid of it.She gave me his cell number and I called him,I asked about the tractor and he said yep i'd like to sell it.I asked how much and he said make an offer,I said $150 he said oh yea i'll take that for it.I'm thinking you idiot!,If I would have offered $50 i'd bet he would have taken that for it.Ah well it was still well worth it got it home and it runs like a top,was cutting grass with it yesterday.It is a excellent cantidate for restoring.I did run the serial numbers and it is a 1970 110,38 inch deck with the awesome Kohler K181S engine.UPDATE june 28th Started tearing down the 110 for a mild restore.I'm going to be working this one so it won't be a complete nut and bolt teardown.It will still look pretty nice when i'm done,i've already got a newly painted pan that was clearcoated that will go on it.


The deck does have one wheel welded on but the rest is in pretty good shape.


The engine is missing the top part of the sheet metal but this shouldn't be to hard to find.


Well getting really close to being done with the 70 110.Showing a few pics posted july 27th 2007.I still need a grill for it,anyone seeing this has a grill for a 110 let me know.The few pictures I took are not the best being the tractor is still inside,just wanted to give you an idea on how it's coming along.When I get the hood cleared and put on i'll take it outside and shoot some better pics.