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Bryan Osenga's Simplicity/Allis Collection.

If you like bryan's collection email him and tell him what you  think.

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January 19th, 09
Brian has a nice collection of allis and simplicity tractors.He even bought the big 720 simplicity.I 've always wanted to check one of those things out.They look like a serious tractor.The words below are brians words about describing his tractors.

HI there  I just saw your site and very nice . I am into simplicity and ac  getting ready to redo a AC720 . and I seen that you buy to and a was going to say I have a 712 allis-chalmbers I am selling asking 350.00 OBO 16hp briggs and a 42 inch deck with it , I will be keep checking in to your site more now I really get into seeing new stuff ..

Thanks Bryan


Scroll to the bottom for the scamp info cool story on it.


This is a 3416s that I got from a guy I work with he just wanted it out of his way it was just taking up room and just think what it looked like sitting in a old barn full of cats it was sure ugly and stunk was easy fix just need to get a new hood and all the motor needed was a new coil. Hey what can I say if I can get a free one I will bring it home and just keep adding to my stuff just need more room to store them all I am running short on space but we can always find room still have one more to list soon as I pull it out and see what you think of it will get it out this week some time but only part of the way complete.


I have always looked at these and thought if I would ever come across one I would buy it and I finally did 400 bucks all there but it needs motor work but I think I am just going to put a 24hp Honda in it and it will go another 20 some years that way.


When I got this mower it was trashed and all rusted out my brother inlaw had it on his truck going to the yard to junk it and now he cant belive what it looks and the only bad thing is that it is sprayed bombed but it does the job till I get more time.



This one I picked up and it was all apart also but I have it close to back together just to bad someone had to hack the hood up and not do it the right way I will pick up another hood this spring for it but for 100 bucks what can you say about it . it runs is all that matters now till they all see paint.


Just put a 16hp briggs in this and got it running today all left on it is one pully for the drive and it is ready to go and will throw the deck on when it warms up



Bryan's Email.
Here is allis-chalmers scamp this has been in my family since it was new. My great grandma used it on her 2 acre yard up until 1978 . Then she was unable to do it herself. Then my grandpa took over the mowing and of that year the mower went to his place and was thrown into a corn crib. Until 2008. I was told it was out there . and of course I had to bring this thing home with me . the rear hood is missing and there was no steering wheel so I just put this on. I put a new coil , points. And a plug. And I have spark now but it still had a half tank of gas in it and not to sure how to clean out the gas tank it was thick as glue. I want to get this one up and going so my grandpa can see it to go again before anything happens to him. He told me I would probally never go again. So if anyone could tell me what year this mower is I would really like to know since there is no numbers on it at all. As you can all tell I just had to give it a quick coat of paint to get the rust off of it .