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Not to much info on these little guys but they sure are cool looking.

Click here for all the info I could find model 77.

All the info I could find on the roust a bout.


A little more info I'll add when I can find anything.
The Amigo Garden tractors were made in Dowagiac, Michigan by DEMCO. They used a Lauson engine. Wisconsin engines were also used.The other engine I am not sure of, it was either Briggs&Stratton or Kohler. The tractor used a planetary transmission that was "shifted on the go."

More info this is on transmission adjustments.

It is said you can use SAE 30 oil in the transmission. Oil level: Remove the capscrew between the highest and lowest capscrew holding the rear PTO guard on the transmission. Add oil until it begins running out of the hole.

A...Place two speed shift lever in L position.
B...Drive the front wheels of the tractor against a wall.
C...With engine running at medium speed,push top shift lever forward or until handle is in low gear postion.
D...Loosen 3/4" jam nut on front screw on lower right hand side of transmission.
E...Turn 5/8" bolt up into transmission until wheels spin then retighten the jam nut.

1...Back tractor drawbar against a post or solid object.
2...Pull back on top shift handle until it stops.
3...If wheels do not spin unlock the jam nut on the rear bolt.
4...Tighten 5/8" bolt until wheels spin, then retighten the lock nut.


Lack of full power or speed when top handle is pushed all the way ahead is the first indication that the high speed clutch is in need of adjustment.


1...Remove two speed shift handle under tractor seat.
2...Remove all the bolts in the transmission cover.
3...Lift cover from transmission.(Be prepared to see two small spring followers and springs fall out. They are used to maintain pressure on the shift plate.)
4...Near the front end of the transmission you will find a collar which contains three small fingers.
5...Turn the engine slowly until the set screw hole in the finger retainer comes up on top.
6...Remove the set screw.
7...Remove the second set screw which is also in the same hole.
8...Turn the finger retainer towards the left side of the transmission one full turn.
9...To check for proper adjustment:
A...Check the opening between the clutch pressure plate and the clutch plate.
B...Pull the shift bar to the rear as far as possible - opening should now be approximately one half the original gap.
C...If opening is still more than one half of the original amount the finger retainer must be turned until proper gap is achieved.
D...Over tightening will result in hard shifting and possible finger breakage.
E...When proper adjustment has been made turn engine slowly until set screw hole comes up on top.
F...Look into the set screw hole. Set screw must go between the threads of the shaft. If threads are showing at the bottom of the set screw hole move the collar until the spline groove is properly centered.
G...Insert the first set screw firmly and install second set screw as a jam.
F... Reinstall the springs and spring followers in the cover (grease may be used to hold them in place)and reinstall the cover and two speed shift handle.