Jeff Ryman's Gard'n Mast'r Jr's.

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Jeff sent me some info and pics on his Gard'n Mast'r Jr's.These are some rare beasts thats for sure

Below is a few pics when he first bought the tractor.Remember to click on them to get a bigger view.Jeff said he traveled to bedford P.A to get this tractor.


The next set of pictures is the actual restoration.I'll just copy what jeff said in the email so you'll know how it all went.
this next group is pictures taken during the restoration process - It was all very tedious.  since no replacement parts were avaliable we took great care in removing only what was necessary for painting and repair.The only major problem we had was the fact that we were missing the back wheels.So we adapted a set of trailer wheels with the same lug pattern and size to stand in until a set could be found.Finding an original set of wheels was another story that took several more years.  (they are rare as hens teeth)


Here is pics showing it finished,I'm still sick over the guy not selling me the one I found last year,you can tell he will never do anything with it from all of the other junk he had laying around.I'd say he will die of old age and one of his kids will come along and haul it off for scrap,Anyways great job on your tractor jeff!!.


Below is a few pics of the 2nd Jr. Jeff has Purchased again his own words in the email.
Ken - Attached are pictures of the second Model JR that i purchased.The first picture was taken on our way back from Conn. It shows My Father
and my son posing near our new purchase.  the next pictures where taken during the tear down of the tractor.I will soon have pictures of both Jr's  together.Please feel free to post send or copy the pictures that I have sent you.I am happy to share as much as i know about these great little tractors.More written specs and picts to come soon -