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Click here to go to Harry's national reel mower site on yahoo groups.

Click here to go to pauls tractor page.

Check out Harry's Collection.The national reel mower is another machine I haven't been around.I've never seen one around where I live in indiana.Harry's email is below.Remember you can join pauls tractor group forum by clicking on the link below Harry is a member there also.Each of harry's tractors are on it's own page,just click on the tractor and it will take you to a page of more pics of that tractor.Just found this out a few minutes ago.Harry also has his own yahoo groups national reel mower site.I 've posted the link above check it out.
Harry Wrote: Hi Ken...a bit of history
We moved here about 1 1/2 years ago....a John Deere STX38 came with the 1 1/2 acre property. It's OK.....but, no thrill.
When I was a kid, my dad used to have a National Mower, so I decided I should find one too. When all was said and done, I have ended up with 4 of them, so far. My wife of 33 years thinks I am nuts....may be right.....
Heres a few pics....1st one is me at age 10 on the old man's National.

Harry on his dad's national reel mower.

Harry's 1974 Ford LGT 100.


Harry's Cub Cadet Model 80.