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This is my new friend bob,he has just got into the garden tractor disease.He doesn't know it yet but after he finishes the round fender he just bought he will more than likely buy another and then another well you know lol.Bob has a real cool story below.Welcome bob and keep us posted on your progress I know we will be watching the RF take shape.Remember to click on the pics for a bigger view.

Bob Wrote: You know I worked for John Deere for many years in Colorado.  Nothing this small, only industrial construction equipment.   At the time I had no idea I would end up with an old John Deere Garden Tractor.  Especially a collectible old tractor.  Anyway,  I will keep your email and information, and I will send you pictures of my progress with this ol' 110.   My original intention was to just buy an old beater tractor and play with it, but your interest and enthusiasm for these things has given me a new direction in which to go with this 110.  For that I thank you.  I have already found a mower deck, and the PTO cover I was missing on ebay.  (Sill have to win them) So I guess I am on my way so-to-speak.  When I worked on the John Deere industrial equipment at Southern Colorado Equipment Company, us wise guy mechanics had a saying that we used to pass on to our wise guy customers.  You may have heard this before, but we used to answer our customers when they said (And they always said this); "Nothing runs like a Deere"  We used to answer; "Or smells like a John"   So the next time someone sees you showing off your Deere and says to you "Nothing runs like a Deere" (& they will say that)   Just use our mechanics, time tested wise guy answer; "Or smells like a John"  LOL  Thanks for everything,  Bob

Bob Balmes First 1967 John Deere Project.