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Well everyone these are the rules for the Moto-Messenger forum.To sum it up there will not be to many to speak of.You will never have to worry in here of posting too much, talking about politics,etc. You will always be able to talk about any subject you like. I'm am sure about all of us that come in here,like garden tractors but you will never ever be told your subject has nothing to offer this forum or that your posting too much or that you're frowned upon for posting your website etc. I've been told exactly this on another forum and it will not happen here!!
You will be able to act like people having a conversation and not be monitored continuously by moderator's that have way to much time on their hands and are way too much into showing authority!
There will be no use of profanity or porn since young kids do like to come in and see the tractors.We will not tolerate racism in the least! Most of us do not personally know each other so it wouldn't be right to judge anyone no matter what.
If there is an argument in here i'm hoping and sure we can make our point,get over it,and still be friends.After all,I've said before,we can do this in real life so whats the difference right?
That's about it.My good friend Casey is running the forum.So he's pretty much the forum manager/moderator.This is all new to us so if anyone has suggestions or comments, just let us know.
We want this to be a place you can come talk,about anything,and not have to worry if you're saying the wrong thing,your thread removed etc.I'm sure you will leave here having had a good time not wondering if you 've offended someone.
A note to spammers and others that would want to cause trouble.This forum can and will delete posts that are found to be offensive and or aggrivating.You can be blocked by your D.N.S. I.P. address.
Update,Did want to comment on a few things guys.I did put no profanity in the rules but there will be some leeway.I mean saying a few things will be tolerated.We all can say things at times in the heat of the moment so it's not like you can't say anything at all.It was more meant for the bad things like the F word etc.I'm sure all of us are smart enough to not go to far.I want us all to be comfortable here so saying damn or a$$ silly things like that will be overlooked just please try to keep things respectful is all.Another thing is we do not want to put down other forums when we are commenting.I myself have a few problems with one forum in specific but there is really no need to bring up the name or bash them for any reason.We are really no better than they are when we do this.
I will not tolerate people going to other forums and causing trouble being a member of this forum.I would never tell anyone that this is the only forum they should be on you have the right to go where you please any forum anytime.The thing I don't like is if people from our forum go to other forums to cause trouble spy etc.I want us to have a good reputation of being a really nice friendly forum not a name that people look at as trouble makers.Some of you may know i've had a few bad experiences at one particular forum but I will not bad mouth them or really want to do anything with them.I just want us to have our own relaxed forum that everyone enjoys coming to and thats for all ages.
There ya go guys that didn't hurt to bad eh?,really hope it turns out to be a fun place for everyone,,,,Ken