Wayne Macuga's Nice MTD 990.
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November 29th, 09 Wayne just sent us pics of his 990,scroll to the bottom to see.

A lot of you know Zane Hampton,this is a friend of his Wayne Macuga so now he's a friend of ours to.Check out his really nice MTD 990.He is needing a few parts.I'll post them on Moto-Messenger if any of you guys can help him out his email is on the page.Here is the email Wayne sent.
Wayne Wrote:Hello everyone at Motomow,
Zane Hampton from the tractorforum gave me the link to your sight. He thought you might like to see me most recent 990 restoration project. 
I think it turned out pretty good. Let me know what you think. I'm in the process of working on another 990 an just about have it completed. 
Unfortunately the hydrostatic transmission pump is bad and i'm having a tough time locating one. It is an Eaton Model 11. I've included a picture. A new one is just too cost prohibitive. If you have any info as to where I can get a good used one or a good rebuilt one I would appreciate it. I'm also looking for a drive shaft (female end) for a 
used 45" MTD snow thrower that I picked up and am restoring. I think it has 18 splines and a locking snap ring just like the picture of the 
mower shaft that I'm sending. Would appreciate any info on that as well. Once again MTD wants an arm and a leg ($350) and you have to purchase both halves. Hope to hear from you. Thanks for providing a  great website.
Wayne Macuga

Wayne Macuga's MTD 990


Check out Wayne's 16hp. Jacobson.He said he bought it brand new and it still cuts like new!

Wayne's 16hp. Jacobson

Wayne's 2055 White.



November 29th, 09 Wayne's Newest pics of his 990.
Wayne's Email:
I just finished another of my 990 projects and thought you might enjoy seeing a couple of pics. The before and after. Maybe you could post them on your web page picture gallery. Let me know what you think.
Wayne Macuga