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Well Duke has been busy guys.There is a lot of pics ahead.I really think you'll be impressed with what he's done.I've never seen a nicer looking herd of wheel horse's like Duke has and the stable he built for them is just to cool!,really check his pictures on the walls very impressive stuff!.His email is below.
Duke Wrote: Hey Kenny Duke here, It?s been awhile since I have contacted you, How?s it been going! I have been
Extremely busy at the Duke's Horse Stable!  Have picked up a few more Ponies and I was very limited
on space in the Stable and I needed to come up with an answer for storage. So my answer was to finish
the Stable Interior and build a platform so I could stack these tractors double high. This platform would have
to support 2,700 lbs of tractors 6 on top And 6 underneath so I could double my storage in the same footprint
of space. To lift these tractors on the Platform I purchased a scissors hydraulic lift table and had a larger table
top made to support my tractors to Lift them safely up on the platform. There was much work to do before this
all happened, I had to to clean my  1200 sq ft garage in order to get the tractors out of the stable so I would have
room to work in the stable. After that I had a lot of work to do on the stable rebuild, Wiring, insulating, sheeting
with OSB, Painting, Lighting, trim, Platform Build, Shelving, Floor finish, Decorating. Needless to say there was
a lot of work to be done and to be honest with you I have been at it since November every night every weekend
every waking hour it has been quite a project.


Ok well again Duke sent a lot of pics so we will do it this way.You'll see 4 pictures labeled below one is the stable project where he remodels the inside of the stable (cool pics).The next set is of his shop,another one is the lift table he made, The last group is the horse's themselves enjoy! I sure did.Click on the specific pic to take you to the page for that project,tractors etc.


The remodel of Dukes Horse Stable.

A look at Duke's Shop.

The making of Duke's lift table.

And for the Grand Finale!!


I got these pictures a little later from duke.These are a few pics of some of the shows he went to more is explained above each picture.Click on these to expand a better view.

Duke on his 1957 Pond RJ-35 holding a mid
mount grader blade he bought at the show.

Duke with author Mike Martino author of straight
from the horse's mouth the wheel horse story.

Duke with Cecil Pond He autographed
the book written by Mike Martino.

Exhibitor Dash Plaque
Signed by Cecil Pond.

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