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The Pink Fury

This is Jeff Bever's Wife's pride and Joy.It is the Pink Fury!.Read his email below.
Jeff Wrote:Hey Ken,
             Here is the story of Pink Fury!! I am sending the pictures of its construction as well. I am going to send the picks 2 at a time because of dial up but there numbered. Below is the story! Thanks again for being such a great person !!
Jeff Bever
Pink Fury The evolution!!
Each year we put on a Lawn mower Rodeo at the Family Campground. My wife's family has a long history of motorsports. Her father was a aspiring race driver, and more recently her Sister in Law drive a pro Street Buick Grand National. Well Sherry is someone that has always walked her own path. She has a 110 JD that she loves and has been featured in the Green Magazine. It did great in the first Rodeo but she wanted a race car. My first intention was to find a mower that we could use in the off times and maybe team it like a nas car! Well After Dinner at my folks one night my Wife and Father decided it Should be Pink. Well that was that so I went to a local consignment auction and found a pathetic looking MTD Yardman 20hp Koholer hydrostatic for $20. The Starter was Junk, all 4 tires were flat It was a mass of broken plastic and rust. I think they left it out in the rain for the last decade. Essentially a big boat anchor. So A new starter from eBay, a new hood from a friend that has a repair shop. and a lot of tune up and clean up. Then it was time to paint. I grabbed 2 quarts of white and a quart of Massy Red. We sat down and I mixed up the white and then started adding red. I got a nice dusty rose color."Nooooo way pinker" Says my wife! I sighed and continued to ad red. About that time Dad wandered in an says" Oh that needs to be pinker"! Again I sighed and we ended up with that you see. I call it "F#$king Pink". It was one of the best paint jobs I had ever done and yet it had to be that color. We put it together and lettered it. My wife was working allot at the time and didn't get in a lot of practice but she did do really well especially in the pulls. For the next Rodeo I updated to Lug Tires and added a draw bar plate! I add a little something to it every rodeo just to make it different. Who knows what I will do next!!!

Definitely looked sad when they brought it home,below are pics from start to what it is today.Real nice jeff I definitly was confused when I first saw it.I  knew that was a craftsman front end but was stumped until now :) Remember to click on the pics for a better view.










Sherry Bever On Her Pink Fury.