My 1967 Motomower My Other One Finally Has A Family Member :)
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Well I got my other Motomower yesterday.It was everything I hoped for.It has the sweetest running little briggs on it you've ever heard.It idles down to nothing just sits there and putts.
I went to the tractor show in auburn and picked it up.Dennis the guy that owned it was a really cool guy.Hoping he will sign up on the Moto-Messenger.I'll get some updated pics as soon as I can.I also met a guy from england at the show.He said he has been to ain't that cool you guys?.We are starting to get noticed on the internet I was really impressed :)  I really waqnted to steal the guard off this motomower to put on my other one so I can finish it but this one is in pretty good shape so i'm thinking of just restoring this one and hope to find a guard for my other one someday.It's a tuff task I 've been searching for a guard for it for 3 years now ah well maybe someday.Remember to click on the pics for a better view.



This is my other one,all it needs is the guard to finish it but like I said the other one is actually to nice to steal parts off of so I  guess i'll just keep trying to find a guard for the older one.


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