Dave Bell's Really Cool Pair Of Jim Dandy's.
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Dave ran accross our site check out his really cool pair of Jim Dandy Tractors.Hopefully he will become a Moto-Messenger and give us the story on these beauty's.

Below is Dave's Emails.
Dave Wrote:I  just  stumbled on  your  site  and  i will certainly bookmark  it ,  It looks like a  real  neat  site  , I  have  sent along a   picture of my  67  jim  dandy  and  my  57 power  king ,  these  babies  run  real  good  and serve me  well  plowing  snow ( Which  we had plenty of this winter} I am  in kalkaska  mi. so we get plenty  of the white stuff   Thanks for  letting  me  in  and  i  will  be  back  DAVE BELL KALKASKA MI.

This was the before picture of my
1967 Jim Dandy


My 67 ready to plow snow,it did a great job.