My First Project Of The Year Simplicity Model 717
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May 18th, 09 Finally got the engine done guys,took me a lot longer than I hoped.I was hoping to get 3 to 4 tractors restored this summer not looking like it lol  Scroll to the bottom to see the engine pics.  KW

March 26th, 09 .Well here she is guys my first project of the year.This project is going to be just down right fun.No taking pictures worrying about not putting something back together right.I  have a twin to this one that i'll be stealing parts off of so this is going to be an easy fun tractor to restore.Not done to much yet and going to take my time on it.I know these little tractors are still not high on the collectors list but I love them.I've never cared what anyone else thought anyways if I like it I like it thats it lol.
I've got one more quart of omaha orange so i'm thinking thats what will go on this.It will be the same color as the pumpkin but this will be done back in the orange and white theme.I even have a original rubber coated white steering wheel on the other tractor I really think this is going to turn out to be a sharp little ride when done.Showing you a few pics of todays work not much done yet but i'll move along a little each day.Make sure to click on the pics for a better view.KW

I tell ya guys this tractor is really pretty nice yet for the year.The paint still shines real good on the hood,but it's not good enough to suit me so it has to be taken down and redone.




Check out the paint even where the engine was at guys this tractor definitly wasn't left outside everything is tight on it to steering etc.Again this will be a fun restore.



Check out the original seat on this thing guys.Another good bet it was always put back in a building when not being used.They have these really cool orange and white seat covers for allis chalmers I going to put on it should look really cool.


Below is a few pics of the donor tractor.It actually could be fixed to cut grass,a carb clean and she would go but she will sacrifice her life to save the better one let us bow our heads in remeberence lol.



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Day 2 March 27th, 09

Got the seat off today got lucky on that usually the bolts will strip out being so old but these all came out so much easier when it's time to put the seat back on.


Not so lucky on the pan but still not bad.Had one bolt strip out so got my makita grinder out and showed it who was the boss lol.




Everything on the dash is in good shape and everything works so all i'll have to do is take the parts out clean them up good and put back in of course after the dash is shot with a nice coat of antique white and clear coated.




Well down to 4 wheels guys the fun begins degreasing checking everything.I don't know how much farther I will go it depends I guess.The rearend may stay in it.Everything works good and i'm thinking on playing with this to cut grass in the front yard.So I don't think i 'll go much farther it is still down enough to make it look really good.On ones I  work I  don't like to do the every bolt/teardown restoration its silly to me if your going to work them.I still will put a lot of detail in this it will look really nice .   : )


Tommorrow hopefully I 'll have time to get the motor off the doner 717.I took the donor out today and was mulching leaves with it dang shame you guys it could be redone to .But ah well I  want the other one to be nice so it must go,lots of parts tho.



Day 3 April 1st, 09

Finally got a little time to take the motor off the donor tractor today.Got it on the bench to repaint.It runs pretty good and doesn't smoke so I'm just going to strip the paint off and paint the external parts.I'd love to paint the orange and white to match the orange and white on the tractor but I  know with experience how white motors don't stay nice and white for very long so may go with gloss black on it.Won't be able to do much tommorrow.I'm finally going to fort wayne and getting that big trailer load of stuff I told everyone about a while back.







May 18th, 09 New engine pics.