Jared Olson and his cool toy's

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UPDATE Dec. 22nd 2010 Jared added a few more pics.He also has a new project.Scroll to the latest date at the bottom to see.
UPDATE December 9th 2010,Scroll until you see the latest date to see Jared's latest pic's.Love what he did to the little Simplicity Yeoman.I was so busy during the summer I didn't realize he even finished it.I love it jared! you did really good man,love the new tires on it.I sold the one I had to my uncle but seeing yours i'm about tempted to get it back.I know he'd sell it real cheap.As i've said before love your big farmall's to they are to cool.Really like the ole GMC especially now that I bought a old 60's car it makes me appreciate it even more :)        KW

Check out Jared's cool stuff.Lots of nice Farmall's and a cool old pickup.Also the little yeoman is a favorite of mine.His email is below.
KW (Remember to click on the pics for a better view.)
Jared wrote:
The top 2 pics are my 1971 GMC AKA The Green Machine.  I just got new tires on it

Then its my 1968 YEO.  I hope this to be my next project after the M
Next its my 58 350 and 47 M

My 350 my gpa bought just to have a project to do i guess.  he ended up givin it to me when i was bout 5.  So you can say i been around RED all my life.  Before the 350 its was an H and 450 i would sit on and pretend to drive.  Then my gpa sold the H and 450 :(.  The 450 was a 58 and it was the only tractor my gpa bought new.  Ill tell you a little story bout it.  Ok my Gpa was born in Savanna IL(Ya pretty close to Moline for you JD nuts).  Well he grew up on a dairy farm and used horses(HE hates em to this day).  They would always have a tractor but great gpa would always so No were usin the horses. So they had to use the horses.  Well the 1st tractor my gpa bought was from great gpa.  It was a Massey Harris 44 Special(Which he said was notin but Junk).  He owned his share of IHs after that.  Then came the 450.  My Gpa bought the last new 450 from that dealer(it was when the 60 series IH came out when he bout it)My gma told me she remembers when he brought it home my uncle was bout 4 lookin at it through the window comin up the drive.  When i was bout 4 my dad was bladin the drive wit the 450 and i was lookin out the window at it then.  Well years went by and my Gpa had to quit farmin.  You see my great gma had rickets when she had my gpa so it caused his leg bones to grow funny.  So my Gpa sold the 450 to my Aunts bf at the time(now my uncle)and moved to Pinckneyville IL.  He went into the feeder pig business there at the hog barn in Conant IL.(which aint even a town)  Wasnt a year later gpa was back farmin.  Well my Uncle sold the 450 to someone and that guy sold it to someone and my gpa tracked it down and bought it back.  I would love to have the original 450 my gpa had.

The M he bought for me to repaint.  It gonna get modified a lil bit.  Gonna put flat top fenders for girls to ride(if there is any) put duals on it and maybe some day a turbo.  Right now its in the shop apart gettin repainted.  It has and M&W hand clutch which is like a live power take off.
The Last pic is all of our IHs i will try to get more pics sometime. 
from left to right:57 450, 55 400, 47 M, 58 350, 52 H wit a 41 H rearend, 55 300 Utility, and 46 B









Update December 9th 2010,Below is Jared's latest pic's His email also below.  KW
Jared wrote:

Figured I send you some more pics
The old junk one is my new project 1966 Simplicity 2010 Land Lord







December 22nd 2010 Jared's latest pics.