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Keegan Wade a new friend has submitted his springfield.His email is below.Be sure to click on the pics for a better view.

Keegan wrote:

I'm not sure what all to mention here but I'll tell you a bit about the life of this tractor.
I purchased this tractor in running condition from the local Case tractor dealer in my town. I can't remember exactly but I think I paid around $500 for it when i was about 12-13. I've always loved classic anything and when I seen this I loved it right away.  Aside from the many difficulties I had with the pull start on the motor when it ran it ran awesome, and cut grass amazingly. After about 2 years the drive coupling for the deck burned out and I tried having it fixed with no luck. For the next 2 years it was used just for a tractor for moving things around the yard and towing my trailer and car, got a lot of strength for a little tractor. The motor died in it and it stayed in my garage for around 6-7 years. Now having free time and a better paying job I'm finally able to get back to the tractor and have started to restore it. I've got it all tore down now and am just starting to repaint it. I'll continue to send pics of the progress.
Thanks for your time, I love your website and am finding it really hard to find sites with any info about Springfields. I'm more then happy to try and contribute what I got to spread more info about Springfields. Thanks Again
Take Care
Keegan Wade
P.s. The pics I got so far kinda suck I'll take better ones as soon as I can








I'll check and see if keegan has a picture of the springfield before he started restoring it.   KW