Connie And Her husband's restored Motomower.
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June 22n, 09 Connie sent an email of her husband's fully restored Motomower.This is the first one I've seen fully restored and it's nice!.I think the old Motomower's are getting popular and they desrve it they are a collectable just as much as any other old garden tractor.
Connie's email and pics are below.
Connie Wrote:
Hello.  I just recently stumbled on your site and am finding it quite interesting.  I hadn't realized what an interest there was out there in old machinery.  My husband picked up an old motomower a couple of years ago and restored it completely.  Since then I've tried finding out a little bit about it but haven't been very successful.  I haven't even been able to determine how old it is.  I was wondering if you or someone who might see it on your site would have any idea. The information on the mower is: model # 6020, type 100B and seriel # 11542.  Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.