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July 15th, 09
Hey All,
Like I said I haven't updated my tractor's since started.Time fly's by doesn't it?.I think has been up for around 3 years now.It has turned into I think a pretty respectable garden tractor site.Everyone seems to really like it,there are around 200 megs of pictures on here now.Trust me thats a lot of pictures! It would be nothing without all of you people and your tractor's.I have actually had a few people think that they are all mine!.I really can't believe someone would actually think I own everything on here LOL. 
I've loved this hobby for a lot of years now and love it more right now than I ever did.I've made a ton of new friends.I've seen a lot of young people get into the hobby more than ever and thats a really cool thing for me to.I've got 3 gig's of space for the website and nothing would make me more happy than to totally fill it up with pictures of everyone's garden tractor's.
Anyway's i'll quit rambling again thanks to all you guy's for making this tractor website what it is.Below are all of the tractors I own as of now.  KW


We will start with the John Deere tractor's I own.I'll give you the info with each tractor.Remember to click on each pic to get a better view.
Below are my 4 john deere's,I think this is it i'll have to look to make sure one is not hiding in a building somewhere lol.
From left to right is first a 1969 John Deere 110.This is all restored it has a new 8hp. Kohler crate motor on it.This also has a 50 inch deck that goes on it.I  have to restore the deck yet.Next is a 1968 John Deere 112.This also has a new crate motor on it.It's a new Tecumseh HH100 Engine.This is all restored to.It's a pretty nice ride.
Next is a 1967 John Deere 112 Round Fender.Believe it or not this also has a new crate motor on it.I've got the papers to prove it.The guy I bought it from bought the tecumseh HH100 engine out of colorado.He gave $1200 just for the engine.I stole this one for $500.It will be totally disasembled and restored one of these days.The last one is my  1967 John Deere 110 Round Fender.This is my absolute favorite tractor.I put a lot of money into this one.8hp. kohler ag tires on the back and the rare skinny tires on the front.New paint,decals whatever it needed it got.

John Deere Left to Right 1969 110, 1968 112
1967 112, 1967 110

Left to right 1968 112, 1967 112, 1967 110

1967 110, 1967 112, 1968 112, 1969 110

Left to right 1968 112, 1967 112, 1967 110

Rear view left to right
1967 110, 1967 112, 1968 112

Leftr to Right 1969 110,1968 112,
1967 112, 1967 110 John Deere's

same shot rear view.

Another rear shot

Close up of my fav. 1967 JD 110

My 1967 john deere 112
Will be taken down and restored

My 1968 John Deere 112
All redone a pretty nice ride.

My 1969 John Deere 110
All redone another nice tractor.


Ok doing this one seperate.This tractor needs restored also but it's a pretty rare piece.This is a 1968 John Deere 110 with the sleeve hitch and hydro lift.I can't wait to start on this one soon.I t really runs nice but has a bearing out somewhere.It has a pretty loud grinding noise but shouldn't be a big problem.It's not in the engine is the good thing.

1968 John Deere 110 hydro lift,sleeve hitch
optional headlights and tail lights.

someone put a weight bracket bar on the front
I may leave it on.

showing the raree sleeve hitch.

parked in the back waiting for it's restore.


Below is a pic of one of my motomowers (first one) and a sears custom.The custom looks pretty ruff but it's actually really nice.This is the rare round fendered double bar grill model.I 've looked forever for one of these and finally found one.This is another one I  can't wait to tear into.I'vwe got all the books on the sears.The deck was never put on the tractor for most of it's life,again this is a really rare find!.

My Motomower (not sure on year).
And my sears custom double bar grill RF.


A little John Deere 111,I  think it's to far gone so i'll probably part this one out.

John Deere 111


A picture of my wheel horse 1257 and a John Deere 214.I can't help but get a little aggrivated everytime I  see the 1257.My cousin bought it from me,(didn't pay for it yet).Took it home and blew it up!.Of course after that he brought it back.I didn't have much of a choice.Either him keep it and probably not get paid for it or take it back and not get paid for it.I'll probably tear the engine down and see what happened.It ran so sweet when I had it.He didn't cut his grass for a long time,very tall grass=hot day=throttle wide open=Blowed up!!.The 214 will probably be parted out.I just don't care for the 200 series and no deck either so not much good to me.

Wheel Horse 1257 ,John Deere 214


Both of these are junkers also.Using the 717 for a parts tractor for another 717 i'm restoring.The 857 was sacrificed for the 1257 that ended up getting blowed up.

Simplicity 717, Wheel horse 857.


A case model 222.I bought this to help a friend out.She moved into a old farm house that has a HUGE yard.I took it to her yesterday.This old thing will definitly get a good workout at her place.Run's and cuts really nice.

Case Hydro Model 222


Cub Cadet model 1515.This is my cub 1515.It sure has got a good workout this summer so far.I cut my friends yard with it last week before I took her the case.It has a hour meter on it and it showed it took me 4 hours to cut her yard.I told you  it was a big place! LOL.

Cub Cadet model 1515


My sears 16hp. hydro.This has been a awesome old tractor.I mainly use it to pull a trailer and non running tractors.It has a bad tire on it right now.I 've got to put a tube for it and get it fixed.

Sears Hydro 16hp. Kohler


This is the one i'm restoring right now.I need to get this finished up so I can start on something else.I kinda wish I would have just sold it.I 've lost interest in it,they are just little and are not worth a whole lot even when done,ah well I need to get it finished will really get going on it next week.

Simplicity model 717


A simplicity model 4208.One of my favorite cutting tractors.Lays down a beautiful lawn.I had to put another rearend in it last week.It's a nice cutting machine now.

Simplicity model 4208


My little sears custom 8E.I t was sold to a 4 year old little boy he really loved it : )

Sears custom 8E


My little motomower This is what inspired the website and the forum.Kind of a mascot.



Well there ya go guys this is what I have as of now.Of course this changes day by day week to week.Quite a few but i've actually had more thru the years.   KW