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Charles Outhouse Rare Motomower


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Update June 29th 2010,Charles has started working on the Motomower,last 2 pic's at the bottom.
Update November 25th ,09 Charles sent a cool pic from a long time ago info is below in his email. 
Charles Wrote:
  The pictures look good on the web site there,  thanks
  I am sending you another picture of a very rare tractor….was only ever one made,  it is a combination of a VW Bus and Austin Wheels and regular tractor half tracks.
  The engine was the VW air cooled bus engine and transaxle assembly,  the front wheels were secured straight and steering was accomplished with brakes. 
  The throttle was set up like a tractor so you just had to set it and it remained at that RPM.  The extra chain drive from the original VW Bus wheels down to the other set of wheels
  allowed it to crawl very slowly when in first gear but it would climb over most anything that was in its path !
  Yes….thats me on it…way back last century now (the early 70’s ) It was a fun project,  I picked it up from a fellow who built it and basically abandoned it as it did not do the job
 Intended for it,  so I purchased it and got it running again and had lots of fun with it.
Check out Charles rare motomower,never seen one like this but I have seen sears ropers that look just like it,notice the foot rests,those look just like the foot rests that are on the sears customs.You learn something new everyday with these things.All I can think of is that motomower and sears struck a deal on certain models for a certain amount of years or year.Pretty interesting.If anyone knows more please post it on the forum.I'm sure there are guy's like myself that would want to hear more on this tractor.Below is charles email if anyone can help him ou t on parts etc. please let him or me know,I'll be sure to pass the info along to him.   KW
Charles Email:
  Looking for information on the 10 HP Garden Tractor sold by Moto-Mower of Canada under the model # 710-100
  This was purchased locally between the years 1965 – 1970,  not sure of the exact year. 
  Was wondering where I may purchase parts for this tractor or are parts even still available ?
  I still have the original owners manual with complete parts break down. 
  It pretty much all there but has not been used for at least 10 years now and was setting outdoor in the weather and lot of things have rusted up and I am sure a few items may break once I start on it.
  Also require new decals but they can always be made up at a sign shop if they are not available.
  Please see attached pictures
  The engine still turns freely and the engine did start a few years ago.
  The plan is to restore it and use it again,  it was always a good tractor and we did a lot of work with it years ago now. 

Charles Motomower





June 29th 2010,Charles has started restoring his motomower his email is below.
Email:Hi KW
  Here is an update on the tractor progress. 
Have it all apart on the shop floor at the moment.  Slowly getting it cleaned up and then put it back together again.