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Roger Werneburg's Collection.

This is Roger Werneburg's cool little collection.He is nates dad.Really liked nate he was a good friend to a lot of guy's on the forum,kinda disappeared on us.Maybe he will be back one day.Roger's email is below he gives us info on his collection.,especially fond of the old wheelhorse and really like that little push mower.Be sure to click on the pics for a bigger view.
Roger wrote:
sure can....will try explainin what each pic is if I can too...  AND....all the old collector mowers(JD's round fender  that Nathan posted r in my collection since I paid for them)..
      ok....the pics r....
    # 1RJ-1958 WheelHorse (1958 yr.  3.6 hp Clinton B-1290  runs..restore in progress
    #2 Trustworthy 5 hp B&S  24" deck  1967 yr.
    #3 Simplicity SunRunner minus front deck added a 42" Craftsman  blower & 240 #'s of suitcase weights  we made for our JD R-72
    #4 1947 Goodall push mower first vertical shafted cycle  mower..( a Lauson horitizantal converted to vertical by Mr. Goodall)  engine has a single lobed cam to run both valves
    #5 Model "Y" Briggs
    #6 My Haybarn storage shed 1/3 scale of real 14 x 20  x 12 high