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Clancy Lutz and his real nice PK.

Click here to contact clancy.

Clancy has a really nice looking PK hopefully he will send us more pics.His email is below.   KW
I found your article about Your Great Pumkin. Selling and then recovering it from your neighbor. Or maybe it was another one of your tractors, Great article. I have a 12 hp Power King that I did a quick restore on this past summer. Turned out pretty nice. Good enough for me anyway. It is a dual transmission set up and everything works now. The motor is a bit noisy and bothers me but I may be able to put up with it for now but if I decide to keep the tractor I will eventually rebuild the engine. Not sure about that yet. Funny thing is I was talking with one of my buddies who has a Jim Dandy PK and I mentioned to him I was going to fabricate a boom for the rear of my tractor with the hydraulics to lift stuff like a tow truck.  He thought that was a great idea as did I.  Then I come across your pictures and There it is.  Obviously my idea is not original at all. I still plan on doing the boom for the back end of my PK tractor.
I have two other Simplicity tractors. One is a 7013. The other is a older Landlord. The landlord runs and is complete. The 7013 is in partially restored condition and need some parts and some TLC. My big problem is I am short on space to work in and no heat in the garage. Anyway, I enjoyed your articles and all the pictures.
Clarence ( Clancy ) Lutz
Spring Grove, IL
UPDATE December 6th 2010, Below is updated pictures and info clancy just sent me...

A picture of Clancy the day he bought his PK.He is pictured with the guy he bought it from (Roger)


Here we are just before the application of paint.  Pretty Ugly.


This was when I first got the Economy PK home. You can see the snow blade outside the garage. Note the plastic laundry detergent bottle (yellow) that I was using as a temporary gas tank.  The original was in bad shape inside. Cleaned it up and it is like New now.


This is the front view just before I started the restore project.


This is the gas tank after I cleaned it inside and out.  Almost as good as new except for the rust pits.


Picture of it all done,looks really nice clancy!      KW


A few pics below of what clancy sent,he say's these are his other projects.      KW
Clancy wrote:
Here is another project in progress. A Simplicity  "Landlord" of approx. 1959 vintage or so.


And yet another one. No explanation needed. This is a functional one.