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December 6th 2010,
A lot of tractors have come and gone for me thru the summer including this little toro 6.Here is the full story on it.I got this little jewel from a friend of mine.I need to tell you first off that I do have possession of this little tractor,it is covered up as we speak on my back deck and no worries the deck is enclosed.
My friend had a lawn mower shop that ran for years it probably started back in the 50's.He went out of business and thats where the toro 6 comes in.This little tractor was bought and displayed in the shop all it's life.It was bought I believe in 1965 and sat in the shop the whole time! It has never cut a blade of grass in it's life,to be honest I really don't know if it has even been fired.I did check and it's not locked up,it looks to never have had gas in the tank if it did they definitly drained it after it was fired.It's pretty much as in mint condition as if you just had it delivered to your house!.

Ok now your probably asking why do I have it and why does this page say maybe mine maybe not,well i'll tell ya.My friend asked me if I could help him,he needed help storing and selling some of his things I said sure.He told me there is a good chance I could end up with the little toro 6.I have no idea if I get it or not but for now I look at it as i've got a good shot at it over anyone.I am a person that doesn't like to mess with anything thats not truely mine so thats why i've never tried to start it.If it ends up being mine I definitly will,I feel it's better for it than sitting like it has for years.For now i'm selling stuff for him and waiting for the word,it's really nice guys it is definitly a little tractor that does look just as good or better than the pics show.
Another thing is I hauled a bunch of lawn mower related items home,you guy's would freak out on some of the things I have,new old stock kohler engines,vintage mower shop signs,tons of vintage chainsaw stuff,you really need to watch my ebay auctions if your a vintage small engine etc. collector....KW






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