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Tom Harris and his cool motomower.

Click here to email tom.

Gotta love these old things not many around and the simple design is just cool.Metal bars for deck lifts flat stock for steering rods,to me this is what makes them cool really simple and they function as good as anything out there,,,KW
Tom wrote:I have a Moto-Mower that my neighbor gave me in 1970 when I was a boy.  I am trying  to figure out it’s age as my father guess it is around a 1962 (early 1960’s) .  I have been restoring it and have noticed the axles are leaking at the wheels.  It appears the seals are worn and I need to replace them.  They look to be made of leather.  Any information you can send me on where I might be able to find replacement seals would be great!  I have attached a few before and after pictures for you to view.
Anyone knows of seals email tom at the top.