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September 8th 2011, Well i've actually done quite a bit to the Punkin over the summer.I've added custom weights to the front bumper.Put some 24 inch wheels and tires on it instead of the 16 inch wheels it had.Changing the wheels became more of a job than I had thought.My neighbor rick helped me,we had to change the axles ,bull gears and hubs in order to change the wheels.It was well worth it the punkin looks so much cooler now and the old 16's were just about wore out anyways.
Did some repainting on the frame and rearend,the hood and fenders are still holding up quite well so left them alone and also didn't want to have to deal with making the decals again.It actually still looks really good for the paint probably being around 3 years old now.Don't really work the tractor anymore it just pulls a trailer once in a while now.It's going to its first show in the spring.
It also got a custom chrome lake pipe you would not believe how quite this tractor is with just a pipe and no muffler!