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Here is Joe Powell's old motomower.Not only is the tractor cool (as all old tractors are) .The story he wrote below is even better!

Joe wrote: Here are some pics of the old Moto Mower.  Its been in my family since it was new.  My Grandmothers sister bought it new in Erie, PA and used it for about 7 years, then my
Grandfather bought it to mow the grass at his farm in Conequenessing, PA.  All of my aunts and uncles learned to mow grass on this mower, and it is also the first gas powered machine I learned to drive.  It is all original and the only things on it that have been changed are things that have broken through out the years.  It has the original deck, which still mowes great, the original tires, original 6hp Briggs and Strat motor.  I'm not sure of the year, but I posted a video of it on YouTube and someone commented that it looked like an early one from the late 50's.  I would love to have more info on this and I do need a few parts for it.  I need the belt drive cover.  Thats the main thing.  I also would like to know if this Moto came with an electric start.  It has a little bracket in front of the motor and it looks like it might have held a starter motor.  I am going to enter it in the antique tractor show at the Farm Show this summer in Butler, PA.  Any info or comments can be sent to  I was thinking of doing a resto on it but this thing will only be original once, so Im not sure what to do.  Thanks for looking and taking interest in these old things.  Joe
They did have electric start models joe and also headlights,I've got the model like you have but it has no fenders.I'm wondering if there was just different models to make a different price range really not sure....KW