Coca-Cola Cruiser

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September 9th 2011, Kinda like this one guy's.Just wanted to do something different.A lot of people that know me understand i'm not a restore to original guy lol.I painted this dark red metallic and as soon as the paint was on it hit me it was the Coca-Cola-Cruiser.It has that red metal look the old coke cans had.Really nice looking running old machine.
I sold it today to a real nice guy named Zach Hook.I hate to sell my old tractors especially Moto-Mowers but with the new place I don't have room anymore.I love painting them so if I can at least break even i'm good and I move on.My next project is a really cool Sears Custom,it's one of my favorite's it's a XL with the double front grill and round fenders.Probably will do it back red/white not worried because it's original it just is a great color combo.I've always thought sears was another tractor like the moto mower that didn't get much credit.I mean I understand that they are just not quite built as good as the old john deere and wheel horse tractors like steering/tie rods etc. but i'm telling you as far as style I will argue all day long the little custom has as much style and class as any john deere or wheel horse you'll ever see!.
Anyways starting to ramble, Zach is supposed to be emailing me,he is supposed to have a real nice wheel horse model 603,I'll get his info as soon as I get it......KW