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New Message Nov. 3rd 2011,
I cleaned out a metal shed and put the Simplicity, and both David Bradleys and parts in it. The winter plan is to rebuild both carbs on the Sears tractors and start painting the 15. I might paint the 10XL hood and fenders also. Next weekend Im going to work on my cabinet sandblaster. Its not picking up any media heavier nut shells. I bought a few bags of the black coke media. Supposed to clean faster than sand. Maybe its to course and big for the suction tube. My compressor is plenty big enough. The cabinet is a nice size. A 12" tractor wheel fit inside with no problem. I think a hood might also. Hopefully I will have some better pictures for you next Summer. I'm going have a couple of my friends log onto your site. Terry has alot of oddball riders, a complete set of JD Patio tractors, Copar and ect. MIke has the oddball walk behinds, some with sulkys. Well its time to get ready for another work week. Talk to you later, Todd Smith

1972 Sears Suburban 15. I plan to repaint this winter.
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I saved this 1964 Simplicity Broadmoor from the scrapyard. I just got a grill for it. All it needs now is an engine and battery.
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Another one of mine is this 1971 Custom 10 XL. Got a great deal on this one. Only paid 75.00, including a 3 point hitch and plow.
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Its amazing what a seat change and 3 hours of scrubbing can do.
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Same Suburban 15 as in the first picture up top, with a couple improvements.
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Lastly, I have two David Bradley 1950 - 1953 walk behinds.
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