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Update March 25th 2010,I got my Punkin back,gotta tell you i'm so happy.I sold her to my friend and neighbor about a year ago.It was one of those things that you know you are going to regret.Well I sold it and regretted it,I wanted her back the whole time,I asked my neighbor yesterday if they would be a chance of ever getting her back and he said sure.I dig my 67 round fender out of the shed to clean it up and get ready to sell.I was hoping to get enough up to sell it and pay on the punkin.My neighbor pulls up while i'm washing the round fender and say's I sure like that ole round fender.I said she really is nice i'm planning on selling it to help get the punkin back he said really?.He said i used to own a round fender years ago would love to have another one.I said well lets work something out then, you want the round fender I want the punkin back he said how about an even trade?.I about fell over I said sure thing.So he got a nice RF I got my punkin back it was a awesome day for me.All the pics below are when I had it before I sold it.Nothing has changed my neighbor rode her one time and it sat in his building the whole time,she is as nice as she ever was.   KW

September 25th, 08 Well all is done on the power king,got all new paint on her and just put the Great Pumpkin decals on along with the linus character.I  think she looks really cool.I think it will be in MTF's upcoming calender for 09 I  sure hope so.


August 28th, 08 Got the Decals in for the great pumpkin,check er out!!


Ok tell you the story on the power king.I've always wanted one of these things but could never afford it and to be honest I didn't think I ever could.It's one of those things you don't have to have but still want it.Well i'm cruising ebay a few days ago and there she was only 25 miles away.It had a buy now of $1500 on it.I thought probably a good buy but to much for me so I continued to cruise ebay looking at tractors.Just before I was ready to turn my computer off and go to bed,I for some reason went back to the auction and there it was it went from $1500 down to $900.I'm thinking whats up with that,I know I seen $1500 on this thing.I kept reading the auction over and over to see if anything had been changed and nope it said the same thing,runs great,drives great no smoking,knocking,very nice tractor original owner.I said what the heck and hit the buy now.I even got this thing delivered to my door and you know what it is as nice as he said ,got all the books it is a really cool ride.The guy I bought it from said he just lowered it about 30 seconds before I hit the buy now button,he lost his job the day before and needed money asap.So I kinda made out on his misfortune.Not proud of taking advantage of someone elses misfortune but if I hadn't bought it trust me someone else would have!.

Sept. 13th,Redid the wrecker setup I had.My cousin helped me with it.Took a piece of steel pipe and welded 2 brackets at the bottom then welded a hook at the end.Went to the hardware store and bought 2 more hooks with a 8 foot vinyl coated cable and presto instant wrecker,It works so nice hauling junk tractors now.Gonna paint it all up when I do the whole tractor in the spring.


June 11th 2008 Time For The Restore!!!


Ok I'm sure i'm gonna have some people give me a hard time on not restoring this thing back to it's original state but if you know me you know I DO NOT like completly original!!.They do not do different colors on tractors like they do cars!.It would be like going to a corvette show and seeing 20 66 corvettes lined up all black,the first couple sure look cool after that BORING!!!!.I like to use the base colors but thats about it.I keep john green colors when I do a john deere because I like john deere green.I however do not like power king's orange so my tractor is going to be painted omaha orange.I'm tellin ya this will be a sharp ride when i'm done I'm kinda going to go with the orange and white paint scheme that I did on the sears last year.Not as much white tho it may be to much on this big of a tractor i'll figure it out as I go.


I just got done rebuilding the front end,new bushings,bearings etc.I went ahead and did the wheels in omaha orange and silver also the front axle,this gives you an idea of where i'm going.The pics are kinda washed out but trust me the omaha orange is much brighter.


I've got to do the back wheels this week ugh i'm so dreading it I don't have a sand blaster so i'm taking them down to bare metal with a drill and wire brush!.


This is all i've done so far,it's been hot here so it's not giving me a lot of time to do anything to it,stay tuned there will be lots more!!.

June 25th,08 Started on the wheels actually got one done,just got to touch it up man it was a pain!.It was pitted really bad it will look ok but all the work I did it still looks rough,really aggrivating.To make matters worse I about got knocked down when I took the right side off.It was filled with fluid.One was not and the other was kinda catches you off gaurd when your not expecting it lol.


It's actually in better shape than I thought not much rust at all (except the wheels) more just grime and years of dirt underneath.


June 26th 08,doesn't look like I did much today but actually did,cleaned the grease and grime underneath and changed the gear grease in the differentials.


July 1st ,08 Got the back end of the power king painted.A lot of people probably wouldn't agree with the way i'm doing this but the advantage of the power king is all of the parts are big,so I chose to leave a lot of stuff on it and paint it that way.The other reason is this thing is in really nice shape for it's age,I really don't think it was used very much,there is nothing leaking at all no oil leaks on the engine no seals leaking no hydraulics leaking.I did spray bomb the frame because lets face the steel they use for the frame is just rough no matter how much you sand and grind.I still will probably put a coat of clear on it tho I don't like the satin finish the spray bomb left.It looks really good and clean but not shiny.The hood and fenders is what I really want to do right if it doesn't turn out I will resand it again until I get it right.


Next i'll be starting on the engine.I'll be removing a lot of the external parts,shroud,starter,coil etc. but I will not be pulling the engine there is really no need for it.


July 6th,08 Well got the engine all done.It's starting to get to the fun part now,actually painting and putting parts back on,I tell ya I think it's gonna be a one of a kind power king.The color is really looking sharp If I can nail the hood and the fenders with a gun it's really gonna look nice.


Notice the muffler is not original .I'm trying to find some chrome mesh type stuff you know like the stuff they put around some of the older dirt bike mufflers,I think it will look really cool if I can find the right stuff.Trust me this looks and even sounds so much better than the old sunflower mufflers they put on these things.




July 7th 08,Didn't have time to do much today got the rear fenders almost stripped down should be able to finish them and put in primer tommorrow.


August 10th, 08 Well I finally am in the home stretch for the finish of the power king.I didn't think i'd ever get the hood done,took 3 tries but this last time I finally got it.It's not original but if anyone knows me I'm not a original kinda tractor guy I like them to represent somewhat what they are supposed to look like in meaning I like a john deere to be green and a power king to be orange but chrome and sometimes a shade lighter or brighter is better for me.But to add john deere yellow and green is pretty much a standard for me.You can't hardly do better than those 2 colors.Email me and tell me what you think.

The Great Pumpkin