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November 30th, 09 Aage sent us a few new pics,scroll to the very bottom to see them.
Update August 18th, 09 aage added some new pics,scroll to the bottom until you see the (new) flashing icon,it again will be dated august 18th, 09.

Update June 11th, 09 Aage sent some new pics for us to check out.Scroll to the bottom and look for the (NEW) flashing icon.  KW
Update April 6th, 09 Scroll to the bottom to see Aage's updated pics of his tractors,he got them out to work them.

Update Febuary 2nd, 09 Aage sent some updated pics of his john deere 420 restore.Scroll to the bottom to see.


Update december 22nd, 08 Aage added some pics of his finished dethatcher,scroll down to the bottom to check it out.

Update December 7th, 08 Aage sent a few pics of his dethatcher here is his email.
Nice job with the website.  The portion you did with my stuff looks great.  Here are a couple of pics of the dethatcher.  I have converted from pull type to sleeve hitch mounted.  You can see in the pics that the dethatcher is adjustable so all the tines hit the ground with the same amount of pressure and level.
Aage Anderson
Scroll to the bottom of Aages page to see the dethatcher pics.

A new friend sent me pics of his small deere herd.He has a nice little john deere and also a 420!.I've always wanted a 420 or the 400.Aage and Casey sent me a nice email on their tractors.Anyone else wants to send pics and info what Aage and casey sent was perfect.It gives the rest of us some history and info on the stuff you have way to go guys!!.

Aage Wrote:


Nice web page. Like to see what others do with old lawn and garden tractors. I am off the farm in Nebraska living in Florida. That just isn't right. But anyhow still got to have my John Deeres. I have a 2006 John Deere 102 ( Lowes Special), love the little guy. Made some changes on it. Added an hour / tach meter, quick tach front end suit case weight bracket and added a sleeve hitch in which I converted to an electric lift from manual and made it quick tach I can hook it up or disconnect in less than a minute. It does well with the sleeve hitch. I know it isn't the toughest tractor but in moderation it does fine.

Also, about 6 months ago I bought 1986 John Deere 420. She was a cosmetic wreck but sound mechanically. I haven't done much to it yet. Got a few other projects ahead of it. But been collecting pieces for it. Did change out the dash, change hoods and got all the dash lights working and added a 3-point hitch. Did mow the yard with it a couple of times. Backed it off the trailer when I bought it and mowed the yard. Pulled out some shrubs with it and the 102 together. Had a winch on the sleeve hitch on the 102. Already at that point had removed all the side panels, decals and seat pan off the 420. I will add a front weight bracket for suit case weights, deluxe seat suspension and duel hydraulic ports out the back like the big guys on the 420. Probably add other things too.

Sending a few pics of the boys. Going to send the pics in two different emails. That way it isn't so much to open up. These pics are of the 102 mostly and the equipment I made or modified. I have made two aerators from a single wing section of an old rotary hoe. I cut it in half to make the two. Works well. The red one I am still working on.( one of the projects) Adding a manual lift with wheels for my brother-in-law. The green mounted one I am keeping for myself. I redone the hitch on a dethatcher to make it into a mounted unit. So when I go to dethatch, bagging and then to aerate it only takes a minute or two to switch from one process to the next. Had to modify the bagger mounting due to the sleeve hitch mountings. But no real big deal. Also, got a box blade and disc. The disc was another project that I rebuilt and modified so it could be a pull type or mounted.

Aage Anderson

Clearwater, Fl

Aages little JD 102.I think it looks kinda mean with the weight bracket up front.


Cool Looking Setup


Puttin it to work!!.


Here is the 1986 JD 420,it has a 400 hood on it.


Here is a disc that Aage Restored and modified.He did an awesome job on this.


Pictures of other implements that Aage Modified and restored.I myself have restored stuff like this and I gotta tell ya it's a lot of work,a lot more than some realize.





NEW december 21st 08
Some new info and pics Aage added.
Sent you some pics some time ago of a pull type red aerator.  Well I got the wheels on it and in trial and error as I am not a mechanical engineer I got the manual lift linkage to work and adjustable for the tractor hitch height and the leveling link in the front to keep it level if you add weight to the trays.  The trays each hold 2 cement blocks.  Learned a lot from doing this.  Keeps the mind sharp trying to figure this all out.  I am sure others could of done it quicker and better.  The other pics are of what it looked like before I split it in half and made two of them.  Each half weighs in excess of 175 pounds.  Next project is the John Deere 420 restoration.








Febuary 2nd, 09 Aage's latest info and pictures on the 420.

Here are some pictures of the 420 continuing restoration.  Cut off the ugly homemade bumper and put on an original John Deere 420 bumper.  Had to cut it away from another tractor frame and weld it into this one. 
So to date:
    1.  Redone the front bumper.
    2.  Replaced the dash and fixed the wiring on the dash    
         so the dash lights are all working.
    3.  Added an aftermarket three point and added a three
         point to sleeve hitch adapter.
    4.  Replaced the hood with a 400 hood.
    5.  Bought a new grille.
Doing the bumper was interesting. Especially when I cut the tube bumper off and looked at the gaping hole and wondering what did I just do. Had to straighten the frame some too in the front. Got a ways to go. Want to completely clean up and repaint and decal the tractor. Going to hook up the H3 hydraulics that were disconnected sometime ago before me. I will have 2 sets of hydraulics out the front like factory and three auxiliary out the back. New tires in time along with some other accessories. Might even try garden tractor pulling with this one.





April 6th, 09 Aages latest pics for his page are below,click on each of them for a better view.

Aages Email: Started my mowing season yesterday. Dethatched, aerated and bagged the thatch. I rebuilt a couple of implements for my own use and work well. Originally, made them for the John Deere 102 with a 12 volt electric lift sleeve hitch. That is why you see the adjustment screw on them to level them out for the sleeve hitch. But yesterday I brought out the John Deere 420 I am restoring. (Work in progress on the restoring the 420. As you can see no side panels or decals or nice new paint.) I wanted to see the 420 in action. I dropped the 60 inch mowing deck off the 420 to use as a tractor and I have a 42 inch mowing deck on the 102.  Worked really well with the newly added aftermarket three point with a sleeve hitch adapter. I have lots of nicks and crannies to deal with to get into along with in ground sprinkler heads.  So that is why I made these implements into mounted units. But on the aerator I added weight to see what it would do. Wanted to test out the lift power of the hydraulics and see what the 420 could do with the extra weight being a heavier tractor. Didn't really need any extra weight. The aerator weighs 175 lbs by itself. But added an additional 160 lbs in suitcase weights. Just happened to fit on the top. Now it goes in. Never had any problem before I added weight. Just had to play and see. Got really dusty and dirty bagging up the thatch. Good quality seat time.








June 11th,09 New pics Aage sent,below is his email.
Aage wrote:
You have a very nice site.  Here is a picture of the disc in the pull type mode.  I sent you a before pic and a mounted pic.  So here is a pic in the pull type mode.  Only takes a couple of minutes to switch between the pull type to mounted type. 
A few weeks ago I went and helped a friend dethatch, bagged the thatch and aerate.  It was a one acre in size.  It had never been dethatched in 4 years.  So with his help on the John Deere 420 dethatching and aerating and me bagging we got 55 bags of thatch and picked piles of thatch equialant to another 15 bags we figured.  It was so thick the dethatcher was acting more like a rake.  So we dethatched, bagged and went over the area again dethatching and bagging. Then we aerated. The second time over the dethatcher worked like a dethatcher.  The only pics of this is my tractors on the trailer I borrowed to haul them to work the friend's place.  Mega quality seat time.
Then a week ago I got the idea to tear up some of the backyard and resod it.  I used the 420 to disc it up.  Then I took the dethatcher and used it like a spring tooth harrow and smooth out the seed bed and knocked the clods down to a fine seed bed.  Worked well.  Used the John Deere 102 to pull the two wheel cart with sod to the backyard.  No way to get a truck in there.
Last but not least.  I bought a Brinly plow.  I am going to restore it.  Not much needed to restore this.  I am going to clean it up and repaint and decal it to make it look new again.  Got it hooked up to the 102 in the pics.  It might work to pull it.  But it was just for the pictures.  Probably use the 420.










August 18th, 09 below are Aages newest pics that he has added.

Aage's Email:
Here are some pictures of the free John Deere 111.  Not sure what I am going to do with it.  Thinking of putting in a new engine and make it a runner again.  Nice mowing deck.  Near new rear tires.  Best part it was free so some room to repair.
Aage Anderson

Aages John Deere 111




Aage's Email:
This weekend I tore down the Brinly plow.  I cleaned it up painted it and put on new decals to make it look new.  Sending some before and after pictures.  Still working on the John Deere 420 but try to keep it in running order.  As you can see it has a 400 hood on it.  New tires on the front and added ag style tires with different rims on the back.  Still have a ways to go.  Also, a John Deere 111 followed me home one night.  It is short a heart (engine).  But it was free.  Has like new rear tires.








A few group pics below of Aage's collection.




November 30th, 09 Aage's newest pics and email.
Aage Wrote:
It is all fun and games till you get to the dirt track.  Check out the intensity on these two competitors.  I got 4th in the 1050 lb class and 9th or 10th in the 1250 lb class.  In the 1250 lb class I tried something that didn't work.  Tried to go to a different area of the track and didn't do well.  Marie kicked my butt in the 1250 lb class.    She only ran the one class.  She got 4th in the 1250 lb class.  I am going to put on bigger rear tires and not sure what else I will do.  Marie has 20 hp and I have 14 hp.