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Scott's 3rd Generation Motomower

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Read Scott's story on this tractor.I think stories like this are just so awesome.Thanks for sharing scott makes me proud ,this is what makes me love hosting this web site.



My tractor is a 1967 motomower that my granddad bought brand new and was passed to my dad then to me. It sat in a shed for 12-15 years until i finally got off my butt and got it running again. It has the original 8 hp kohler and a snowthrower on the front that both run great now. I didnt do a resto because i wanted to keep close to the way my granddad had it when he was alive. Everything on it works, includind the headlights. Been approached locally about selling it, but i wouldnt take a million dollars for it. I love that tractor. Thanks for posting the pics , it would make my granddad proud! Scott D.