Brian Richter's Collection

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Update November 11th, 08 A couple of updated pics of brian's mustang,he has the engine on now and hope's to be farther along soon.Also a close up pic of his really nice looking john deere 110.


Brian's really cool 1970 110.Brian says this tractor is a worker not a trailer queen. 


Update,September 14th, 08 Brian Richter is coming along nicely on the little mustang.


Update September 14th,08 Brian is coming along nicely on the little mustang,here is what he wrote.
Ken, We're half way there.Will be doing top engine light color and bottom high temp black, Little transmission probably light. Have cool, Fiery mustang decal coming for hood, This guy will also make eyeball decals for front, Hope your having a good w-end, Brian


For someone that has only been collecting for 2 years this is a very impressive collection.Brian says he is going to the portland indiana tractor show later in august .I've thought about going myself maybe just see him up there.
September 7th, 08
Brian emailed with a few new toys.Check out the little mustang they are really cool and I bet a lot of fun to restore because of their size.The other one is a Rugg,really like the looks of that one to.He said he is tearing the mustang down now so i'll update as he sends me info and pics.

Septmeber 7th, 08 Brian has started working on the little mustang here's what he had to say.
Ken, Just got the #8 hood decal cleaned up, And gear decal, Taped over Mustang decals, Really pleased their all in great the original. Will need decals made for Rugg. Do you know of local place that does them? Do you have any projects going now. I need help with the engine hook-ups and the elec.that goes with it. Rugg has ignition but I have no idea where batt.goes.Alot of things were taken off. Gas tank, Starter, Air cleaner and maybe carb. Probably may have to start over with engine. Need to determine if that's the original engine. Pretty sure it is, Mustangs was'nt. The guy gave me an extra engine for it. Where are you located in Indy area? your welcome to see collection, Race 111 running excellent, Cut off a bottom of a black shopping cart for wheelie bars because I've been able to get front end 2 feet off ground and I'm afraid I'm going to get showing off and flip it. Wish I had more gravel around to do holeshots. It actually will dig in gravel. did I tell you I burn off paint on metal pieces in fire. works great. You can tear apart a machine the day before, And have it all primed the next day. Anything metal without decals you want to save, Also rims your replacing tires on. Those can be tough to sand. Also removes all grease and contaminates. We'll need to meet soon. Hoping to have Mustang together by w-end minus engine so we'll have to meet then, Talk to you soon. I have a 17.5H Brigg's off a 2000 Yard machine I stripped Friday if you or anyone you know needs it let me know. May trade for good engine for Rugg. Take care, Brian


I'd say thats brians daughter sitting on the mustang she is a cutie and i'd bet she likes old tractors like her dad.


A better pic of the Rugg I like the looks of it quite a bit to,l like the way the hood flares up and wraps around the steering column kinda cool.