Pauls Rare Collection

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Paul has one of the coolest collections around.Everything he has i've pretty much always wanted.A real nice guy,he runs a yahoo groups site for us garden tractor guys.I've got the link posted below join up a lot of nice people there.Each tractor on pauls page goes to another page.Just click on the tractor you want to look at and it will take you to the page of that specific tractor.

Click here to go to pauls tractor page on yahoogroups.

Pauls copar Panzer.

Pauls 1962 Bolens

Pauls Wheel Horse Senior


The tractors below the divider are also pauls tractors but i've only got one pic of each.When paul updates i'll put them on their own page.

1962 IH Cub Cadet original 7 HP Kohler

1967 JD 110 8HP kohler

1967 sears custom 6 6Hp

1973 MF-12 12Hp

Pauls tractors that I haven't got pictures for yet.
1980  WH-D160
1957 WH 857  8 HP Kohler