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June 24th,,,,,, Well it's pretty much done other than the deck.The carb is also leaking and that really sucks,put a new carb kit in it so I must not have the float set right or either the needle seat is leaking.I've got to get the deck done yet,probably start on that in a week.



Showing the frame and steering assembly,the frame was pretty pitted but turned out pretty good.It looks a lot better than the pictures show.This color is not the exact match.I went with a metalic ford blue,it has the look of the old blue in the 60's that they ran a lot on the old chevy impala's.


Showing freshly painted parts,the foot rests main pully etc.I had a hard time deciding if I wanted these parts cleared or not,i've decided to leave them be.I wanted it to have a look like it did back then,more of a sheen than a high gloss finish.


Showing one of the front wheels.I hate doing wheels they take so much time to do without a sand blaster.I use a wire wheel on a drill.It took me a full day to grind these wheels down to bare metal and that was just the fronts.The back wheels will of course take much longer.


Showing a closer look of the front axle,notice there are chipped places on the right side of the axle,this was cast iron so not very easy to fix I just left it alone.


Showing the ID tag which is still in pretty good shape.


The steering wheel turned out really nice.The steering wheels on this Motomow's are made out of solid aluminum.


Showing frame with the front wheels on.I've still got the linkage not right.The steering wheel is crooked when the wheels are straight.Going to work on that today,also have one end of the tie rod loose so i'll need a new ball joint.


Showing the completed rearend.I was hoping to have the rear wheels done and the rearend bolted in this week.The weather has turned cold so it's not a good time to finish painting the wheels.The high is only 58 degrees today so i'll have to hold off for a bit.


I was able to get one wheel done and painted,the other as you'll notice is primered.I ran into another problem with the primed wheel.The valve stem is bad in it so i'll have to fix that.Always something when your restoring an old tractor.


Got the rearend back in it today.It never leaked before so hoping the seals are still ok,if not i'll take it back out and put new seals in.


Starting to look up.I think it's going to be pretty sharp with the blue paint not the exact original color but oh well I like it.


Another side shot.


A close up shot of the rearend.


May 22nd,Got the wheels on,finally a rolling tractor


Wanted to get this part outside for a few hours to kinda finish baking the paint in.I ended up having to paint the back tires,the lugs and rubber was so stained up with years of dirt and sand I hand painted them satin black to make them look like new.A lot of guys say to never paint the rubber because it dry cracks them.Thats all bull i've been painting tires for over 20 years with no results to that whatsoever,it's a cheap trick and makes your tires look really nice.Don't use high gloss black because for some reason it will not dry.


May 23rd,,,,,Set the engine on today not bolted down yet just seeing what it looks like.


I'd like to find a different muffler for the engine.I'm sure this wasn't the one for it but I have nothing to go by.


The muffler might look kinda goofy with it sticking out so far but I remember before I tore the tractor down it actually looked pretty good it comes out just past the side of the hood.


I really lucked out today.I've been searching my ass off trying to find a gas tank for this thing.They were on ebay a few times but they were way to high runnig around 50 bucks,hell I only gave $30 for the whole damn tractor lol.Well I found a briggs motor today that a lady had.She called me on the phone and said she had no idea what it was but she said it ran good and she wanted $25 for it.I get to her house a low and behold it was the twin briggs that you see in the pics with a perfect tank on it!.I was so happy when I seen it.I'll pull the tank and put it on the motomow and will find a tank for the other briggs later.

May 25th,Well today is my birthday I kinda took the day off on the motomow.I said before I would like to be riding it around in the next few weeks,Yea right!! what was I thinking ! hell I spent a whole day just sanding down the hood lol.It's coming along but it will be a lot longer than a few weeks.I'd like to take a break and go fishing but I can't seem to stay away from it.


May,27th Showing the tank after I took it down to bare metal.This actually took a while to,on the sides it has creases and also a lip that goes all the way around the tank.Pretty hard places to get the old paint out,almost ready for primer just have a few more places on it to prep.


Showing the hood also down to bare metal.I didn't notice many dents in it until I got it down to metal,now a few are showing up.I smoothed out as many as I could with a body hammer but still will have to use body filler in a few places.

June 7th,,,Well I finally got the hood and fenders in paint !! Woo Hoo finally getting ready to put it all together.I'll show pics tommorrow the parts really turned out nice and shiny,it should look really nice.






Pretty much done other than the mower deck.


Notice the Moto-Mower decal on the back fenders.I know this is not original but lets face it when they built these tractors back in the 60's they were not focusing on looks they wanted them to work.I've always come up with my own look when I restore old tractors.I try to keep the basics the same but add little touches.I feel if you do one exactly like it was original then all you've got is a restored tractor that looks like everybody elses.To me thats the fun of it is to make one to look like you want it to.


Another Motor Mower decal on the front and then trimmed with chrome trim,I thought it looked really cool.This had nothing in the front when original.To me with nothing in the front it looked like a big white recrigerator going accross the yard,lol


Another side shot,remember you can see a bigger picture by clicking on it.


Well there ya go,she's pretty much done,going to take a few weeks off away from it and then start on the mower deck.