Barry Galbraith's 78 Power King

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March 3rd, 09 Scroll to the bottom to see barry's newly restored 1975 Power King Tractor.He did a great job on it,my favorite model of power king I wish my great pumpkin was a model 2414.Awesome job Barry!!

This is Barry Galbraith's 1978 power king model 1614.Check out the really nice wheel weights on this is what barry said in his email.Remember to always click on the pic for a better view.
Barry Wrote:
  I emailed you this past wk, a friend of Don Croddy. I wanted to send you a picture of my 78 1614 with dual trans.. I repainted it but didn't go thru trans. and clutch ect. while it was down. My first tractor and first time painting. So now pulling it back down and checking everything out like i should have to begin with. I'm in the process of restoring a 1975 2414. My info......Barry Galbraith,




Barry's 1975 2414 Power King.

Barry is in the process of restoring the 2414 can't wait to see it done,I'd love to have the model with the big wheels.



Barry said he is going to be selling the 72 power king below.

1972 Power King


March 3rd, 09 Man look at the hood before and after if that is the same hood barry used he did really good.My hood on the great pumpkin had just a small crease in the front and I got it better but you can still see it.I would have never been able to get that hood looking like that.Barry's email is below.
Barry Wrote:Hi Ken, Your site is really nice ! This past winter i sent a picture of my 1614 and said i would send a pic of the 1975 2414 when done. Had to rebuild the front end, motor, trans, new clutch, throwout bearing. it was more work than i thought it would be. Here are some before and after pictures. I hope everything is going well.
Barry Galbraith
Wauseon, Oh