Chris And His Round Fender

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UPDATE September 28th,08 Chris finally got his John deere round fender delivered to new zealand.Looks like a fine machine,here's what they had to say in their email.

Hey Ken,

Finally got some time to catch up & send some photos.

Chris has been spending every spare moment he has in the barn “playing” with his tractors. Actually tweaking things here & there & I suppose making things more reliable.


No word on the Lambert yet. I think we are looking at another 2 weeks before it lands in NZ. That is going to be a very emotionally time for you – seeing your baby all the way on the other side of the world!!! Cant wait!!


The JD is an awesome old girl. Put in new oil & petrol on the first day it got here, turned the key & it started first pop. I can see why your Uncle Nik loves them.  I have pulled the mowing deck off, they have a swivel wheel on the front of the deck so I am replacing it with a roller.  


The Panzer is really fast. Its an awesome machine.


Not much else to mention yet. Here are some photos for you – ask any questions.....


Take care

Kim & Chris down under


PS in the background of some of the photos is our 2nd treehouse which is Alexa & Tynans playhouse.

A pic of chris's round fender still in the crate fresh off the ship.


Chris's son getting right in there to get the round fender unhooked.I  bet he was as excited as dad to get that thing out of there.


There she is out of the crate a fine looking round fender chris!!.I believe he said before it is a 1966 110.


This is chris's john deere fleet.These tractors are what he uses to make a living,very nice fleet chris!.


A rear view of his panzer and round fender.I  just love the look of the old round fenders.


An impressive pic of his entire collection.Man chris that looks nicer than my collection that ain't right my friend lol.


Another view of the fleet.Awesome looking building they are in front of.I believe this is the same building he keeps his antique cars in.


Check him out!.He is a proud owner if the round fender.Sporting a john deere T shirt to boot.