Sears Custom 8E

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UPDATE,August 19th 2007,Well i've started tearing down the sears custom 8E.I really love these little tractors.They never sell for very much but I'm telling ya they never get enough credit.They are just as powerful as any john deere,simplicity,wheel horse etc.And I think some of them are just as nice looking.Looking at the front of this one is very simaliar to a cub cadet.I took the hood,nose and starting to take the engine off.I'll post pics as I go.This model is more of a bright red color but I love the orange and white model so thats what color this one will be.I redone this page so it would be easier for everyone to navigate,click on the tear down page to go to see the custom being taken apart and the buildup page of course is showing it being put back together.

Custom Tear Down Page


Custom Build Up Page