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This was my sister's 4211 simplicity tractor.She died a few months ago from cancer.My uncle and I did this tractor for her several years ago.She always was a fanatic for the color purple.Everything she had that she could find was purple.She left this tractor to me when she died.It really is not worth much but it was the only thing I had that was hers.Her husband took everything even her 16 year old sons things.He is a true evil person.I miss my sister terrible.I will post a few pics of her on this page,she was a beautiful girl both inside and out,she was only 44 years old.(UPDATE).I have since found a new frame and deck for it,It's orange and purple right now so i've got to redo it one of these days.I'd like to totally take it apart and repaint just because it was hers and she loved it.