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Paul sent his tractor's.Both of these are actually 2 of my favorites I love the old simplicity's and the little Allis Chalmer's is one of my favorite cutting tractors.I have the simplicity 4211's which are the same as his little Allis.

Here is the email paul sent.:
Nice site , and very nice tractors . Not that big of a "collector" , but do have a few myself , and prefer vintage steel . Here's a couple of my everyday work horses. No trailer queens at my house, lol .
Keep up the good work , and really enjoy seeing your tractors .

Another email from paul describing the simplicity.

Yes it's ok to put the tractor on your site . It's a 1969-70 Simplicity 3210V with Hydro-lift . Has original 10hp B&S engine (untouched except for carb rebuild) . Got the tractor to work my new property . Was in good running shape , but  had been 'modified" and brush painted black . The thing is a little workhorse . Have a blade for it for gravel and dirt work . Have an original Simplicity tiller for it that I got for free . And have the blower for it that I just got done using , lol .
Can't remember what pics I had sent links to , but will send you a couple of the tractor and implements . Btw , even though it's not my first "tractor" , this one has gotten me to start picking up more . Like an Allis -Chalmers 810GT that I saw down the road . but that one is basically all original except for a B&S repower to an 11hp engine .
Anyway , will send some links to the pics shortly . Just got done redoing my PC and need to get that done first .
Thanks ,


Allis Chalmers