2 Wheel Horses

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I bought these 2 horse's actually pretty close together,i've been wanting to restore a wheel horse no matter how nice john deere's are you get a little sick of green sometimes at least I do.I bought one to restore and the other to resell to help pay for the restore on the other one,follow me?,I hope so.


The one below is the first one I bought it's a 1966 wheel horse,this is a model 656 It has a 6hp. tecumseh on it and runs like a top!!.


Showing another side pic of the model number.


Now this one i'd say is a rare beast.This was bought as a set it's a 1964 wheel horse but don't know the model because someone took the decal off.It came with a matching 1964 wheel horse WT-244 pull behind self powered tiller,now tell me you've seen one of these because I sure haven't,didn't know they even made them.


Showing another shot of the setup,this thing works really nice,you move the mower deck handle up and down to drop and raise the tiller.


A close up pic of the tiller I  think it looks to cool,it reminds me of an old boat motor.


Believe it or not i'll probably be selling this outfit and keeping the little 656 with the tecumseh.I have no use for it as far as using and it will take up to much room with the tiller.