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Jeff's Spring Tractor Rodeo for 2009

It looks like Jeff's spring Tractor Rodeo for 2009 was a big hit!.I  see more tractors than last year.I  hope it grow's to something really special for Jeff and his family.They have all been really good to us here at'll notice that they had a camper they used to smash with a backhoe and a riding mower for the wrecking ball.Jeff had plastered all over the camper to advertize the site for us.I can't thank him enough for that! They are having another event this year before winter comes and i'm going to do my best to be there for that one.I'm trying to come up with something to help them out on the later event.If any motomessenger's have any idea's be sure to email and let me know.....KW

Below is the camper that was smashed to kick off Jeff's spring of 09 Tractor Rodeo.Click on the pic to see pictures of the camper from the start to the finish of it being just a pile of scrap.

The little white house being destroyed.


Kicken off the 09 Tractor Rodeo.Click on the pic to go to the page.

The people at the rodeo.

Pic's of proud owners on their Tractors.

The people on their rides.

Pics of the Tractor events.

Tractor Pullin



Below are pictures of the 2008 Rodeo events.It will give you an idea on the fun they have.Remember to click on the pics for a better view.

Rodeo Events Picture's.