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In the shop getting ready to be torn down.


Took the hood and nose off.The nose has a type of pot metal I call it.The advantage is it will not dent.The disadvantage is if you hit something hard enough with it,it will break.


Front view with the hood and nose removed.


A close up pic of the engine and carb linkage.I always take plenty of pictures when I tear something down.As simple as something seems when you take it apart sometimes you forget how it goes back so I take pics of everything I take apart for reference.


This shows the tractor is old,notice the key switch.A lot of the older tractors ran a real heavy duty key switch.The battery cables were hooked directly to them.This eliminated the need for a solenoid.


Showing the engine on the work bench,it ran really nice so i'm just going to clean it up and paint it no rebuild or anything.


Showing the side lf the engine with the starter.Notice the gear is made out of steel.These starters sound a lot like a car.But man when they aren't working right they sound horrible!.


Down to the frame and wheels,not much left.


I'm worried about the rearend in this thing,it works just fine but there are 2 bolts right in the top of the frame that the rearend is bolted to.One side has a bolt broken off down inside it.Looks like someone has tried to drill it out and failed messing the threads up.Do not know if the one bolt will be strong enough left alone.


Bought another pair of fenders off ebay for $20.These fenders are pretty beat up in the back.I figured just as easy to replace them than to try and beat the dents out of the old ones.


I'm going to try and save all the decals I can.I'm sure you can't find these being the old sears is not one of the more popular tractors.Not going to worry to much if I can't.I'm planning on working this thing pulling stuff and pulling a lawn trailer.


September 13th,Painted the frame yesterday i'll post pics soon.It turned out really nice.It's a beautiful orange.The shine came up really nice also shouldn't even need to clear coat it.