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Check out gary's really cool blair reel mower model 55.Here's what he had to say about it.

Hi KW this my Blair reel mower that my uncle gave to me it is around 1959 to 60 used only 2-3 summers been sitting ever since it is made as u see in the town that I live in and she still turns over it is a B-S motor WOW

Remember everyone to click on the pics for a better look.


I really like the looks of this little mower,it is quite a bit built like my little 49 johnston reel mower.This one is a little fancier tho I love the little center caps on the wheels saying blair on them.This is all original.You can't find them in the condition this one was in I  wouldn't touch it and i'm sure gary has no intention to.Mine will look good when I'm done but it was a pile of rust before I started.

I posted a pic below of the little johnston compared to the blair,as you'll notice they are just about the same with the drive system.A pully comes off the crank shaft with a belt then a shaft and a drive chain.


Gary sent pics of a cool looking 1970 leaf blower.