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Here is the info Doug sent along with pics of hismilwaukee Clipper .

Ken, saw your plug for site on the Powerking tractor group. I am sending along a few pics of a mower I picked up this fall in hopes that you would post them on your site. It is a milwaukee Clipper mfg by the Milwaukee Power Lawn Mower Co. It is powered by a MarTan engine. From what I've found out, Motomower used this make of an engine in 1929 only. I know its a long shot but maybe you've come across some info on this in your search of Motomowers. I found a listing on the site for carbs but have yet to find a mag that will fit under the controls. If I remember right, all the MarTan listings were from the 28-31 era. I've
got a lot of "stuff" in my collection but most of it is early. I've got Motomowers with the Briggs PB and Briggs FI. Thanks for reading. Doug Tallman from Ohio.