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The 3 little clinton's

I  bought these 3 little clinton's from a guy from lakeville indiana yesterday.He sad the biggest one (4 1/2hp.) ran really good.I took his word for it and loaded them up.It was so cold yesterday that I didn't care just wanted them loaded and to head back home.Besides I got all 3 for $40 so how bad could they be.


A pic of the 4 1/2 hp. clinton,it looks to be in pretty nice shape.


This looks to be the twin to the other little clinton engine I've got.I'm hoping this one has a good coil.If it does i'll change it out for now to finish the power reel project I started.


This one is the worst out of the 3.I'm going to try to get it going but it may be set back for now until I can find some parts for it.